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Wait List Policy and Procedures

Thank you so much for your interest in our program! We are thankful to have the opportunity to serve the Williamsburg community. Kid's Morning Out has intentionally kept our class sizes small so that we are able to work with each child to meet their needs, capitalize on their curiosities, and get to genuinely know each and every one. The downside of this is that our classes do fill up quickly, and some families are wait-listed. We work diligently to accommodate every family to the best of our ability, and we often do have changes in class rosters before school starts in the fall. Being on the wait list does not mean that you will not have a space, but it does mean that it is not guaranteed. We have, however, created many benefits for our families that are wait listed! These are the policies and procedures for the KMO Waiting List:


  • There is a non-refundable registration fee ($75 per child for currently enrolled families, $100 per child for new families) that must be paid to secure a space on the Waiting List.

  • Children that have been added to our Waiting List are processed on a first come, first served basis as spaces become available.

  • All registration paperwork must be completed as if your child was fully enrolling, including required health forms and parent paperwork appointments.

  • Families who have been added to our Waiting List have full access to our Drop In program, and their child may be able to attend if a space is available due to an absence on a specific day. This is invoiced as a flat rate for a single day attended.

  • Families that have been wait-listed are able to register ahead of Open Enrollment the following year, even if they did not get a space during the school year.

  • If a space becomes available for your child and you decline to enroll, you will be removed from the Waiting List and lost the benefits therein.

In recent years, we have found that our Waiting List has significantly exceeded the number of spaces available , and we are not reasonably able to offer these benefits to unlimited families. This is an incredible blessing for our program, and we are honored to have such a turnout for our registration. We do, however, want to be transparent about the likelihood of securing a space, and do not wish to collect registration fees for families for whom we will most likely not have a space. Because of this, we may need to close the waiting list for a class if the length of the waiting list exceeds reasonable length. We hope that this will help us to maintain integrity in our Waiting List process while also serving as many families as possible.


We hope to maintain lines of open and honest communication with all of our families! For any questions, feedback, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are so very grateful for your interest in becoming a part of the KMO family!

Questions? Reach out! We would love to help!

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